About us

We believe, that our simple, yet powerful idea, will most definitely radically change the world of golf.

With the goal of delivering more than a “smart ball” that golfers won’t lose in the woods,…

Who are we?

We are a team of ambitious and dedicated individuals.The BBall Team operates within EnaELL d.o.o.

Our beginnings

The idea was born in 2015. As a golfer, I had a lot of trouble finding balls. The idea was followed by the development of electronics, research into materials on how to fit electronics into a ball … and in 2018, the prototype was operational. From here, we worked with partners to develop an app, injection molding technology. Today (2020) the bball is a 2-piece ball.

Daniel Krašovec, CEO, EnaELL d.o.o.

Get your BBALL now.

Save environment and stop losing your golf balls.