About Us

We’re a team of ambitious and dedicated individuals with vast experience and knowledge, both of which we utilized to create something that will bring relief to all golfers and at the same time make their game better. Our passion, experience and knowledge is reflected directly in our product.


The idea was born in 2015. As a golfer myself, there was nothing more infuriating and time-consuming than losing golf balls or searching for them for a long time. This idea was followed by the development of electronics, researching different materials, experiments on how to fit electronics into a ball and much more.


2018 came and the prototype of Bball became operational. We started to work with partners to develop an app and with experts on injection molding technology to further our project along. In 2020 Bball came into finalizing stage as a 2-piece ball.

Get your BBALL now.

Save environment and stop losing your golf balls.