Incredibly Useful

Thanks to the high-end technology in the Bball you’ll never lose it – it’s traceable wherever it is. The microchip inside the ball not only finds it for you, it also stores important data that will help you improve your overall game and take to the next level as a golfer.

Compared With a Normal Ball

Today (2021) Bball is a 2-piece ball that has the same weight, dimensions and swing feel as a normal ball but has added value – it’s a smart ball!

Powerful Chips

Bball has high-intelligence microchip inside. The biggest obstacle we faced was how to ensure none of the communication between the microchip and the app will be lost.

However, after extensive experiments we made it work perfectly!

Unique Technology

Innovative moulding technology creates a powerful core which makes sure the microchip is safe and sound inside the smart golf ball.

Reliable & Effective

After years of electronic development, designing, programming and researching materials on how to fit electronics into a ball, we successfully created a working prototype that’s fully tested.

To The Course

Every single Bball includes high quality components and intelligent microchip.

Improve Your Game

Our app will change your game completely. It’s act as your personal golfing assistant and provide you with important statistics such as:


– the speed of your ball,


– the acceleration of your ball,


– how high you hit the ball,


– additional data.

Get your BBALL now.

Save environment and stop losing your golf balls.