Frequently Asked Questions

BBall works by connecting to the Bluetooth signal on your phone. BBall’s Bluetooth range can extend up to 50 m when there is a clear line of sight from your phone to the BBall.

The ball matches all demands and it has been approved.

Unfortunately, the signal will decrease. But if you are fast enough you may be able to locate the ball in shallow waters.

If you are not comfortable, save your smart balls for real fairways. Take a standard ball.

After many tests we can say that you will be able to find your ball in under 2 minutes.

You should be approximately 50m within the ball range.

When developing B-Ball we had in mind an average golf lover. So far, we have not considered tournaments, since most ball get lost by average golf players.

Once you activate your smart ball for its first game, it will last for about 4-6 month, depends how many golf games have you play with this BBall smart golf ball. This is plenty of time to improve your score!

BBall are compatible with devices running Android 7.0 and later. For BBall to work, the device must also be equipped with Bluetooth 4.

Balls play just like other balls. You may play it as a regular ball until it is completely worn. Then please return it for proper recycling.

The current version is not rechargeable.

GPS location information are not precise enough to find such small items such as golf ball.

No, the high-end technology used in the ball is completely safe.

We have done a lot of different tests. And we adjusted the ball accordingly rules and regulations.