Mobile App

Not Just an App.

Almost like a golfer’s assistant.

Our app will also help you improve your game as it’ll provide you with some really important statistics – every golfer needs to track how successful their game is!

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Connect, Pair & Play

Never lose your ball again.

The app starts tracking the ball as soon as you hit it. When it lands you only need to come within 50 meters of the ball and the precise location will be sent to your phone. All you have to do is collect the ball!

Android – Download here!


We have developed a unique high-end technology that locates your ball no matter where it is.


The high-end technology in you Bball will connect with the app ….


…. When you hit the ball the app starts tracking it.

Android – Download here!

Improve Your Game

Our app will also help you improve your game by providing you with really important statistics, such as:

  1. ball speed
  2. ball acceleration
  3. how high you hit the ball
  4. hit statistics

Bball app brings solutions to many issues golfers face. With our smart ball the world of golf is up for a big change.

Android – Download here!

Get your BBALL now.

Save environment and stop losing your golf balls.